Chair Lift For Stairs – How Useful Are Home Stair Lifts For Private Homes?

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We do not even think twice when climbing the stairs. While this is true for the able bodied, much cannot be said for those of you who are physically incapacitated. All of a sudden, climbing stairs become the toughest challenge of your life. But to help you overcome this sense of helplessness, there is the home stair lifts aluminum beach stairs.

While it is mandated that all commercial and public buildings should be made fully accessible to all members of public despite the level of physical abilities, no rules and guidelines have been set forth for the private home.

Hence, essentially, if you are physically disabled by either aging or accidents, you recourse is to install a chair lift for stairs. The mobility system includes with a carriage of seat pan, back rest, foot rest as well as seat belt and moves along a railing track made of steel or aluminum attached to the stairway to carry human and goods up and down the stairs. The most common and popular type are made of a rack and pinion mechanism designed with a smooth ride and low maintenance in mind.

They can be powered by home electricity supply or a rechargeable battery. The choice is a functional decision affected largely by the location of where you are residing. If you live in an area where power outages are frequent, it is advisable to opt for a battery operated unit in order to ensure that you will always have a smooth ride throughout every trip.

One key decision making factor is the amount of customization required in the configuration of the stairways. If you have a straight stairway, there is no doubt that you will save much on cost and waiting time with a straight stair lift. Conversely, if you have more than one flight of joining stairs and at least one stairway corner, it is advisable to opt for a curved stair lift. Of course, this would entail higher cost, as well as more thorough customization by the manufacturer, and therefore taking a longer time for the delivery of the unit.